This installation, comprising a pencil drawing on wall, will be installed in your home or office by a child under the age of twelve with guidance and instructions by Terence Koh.


This work ships from San Francisco, CA, US.

About Terence Koh

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Terence Koh (Chinese-Canadian, b. 1977) maintains an extensive practice, ranging from painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and installation, exploring topics with queer, punk, and pornographic sensibilities. For this reason, Koh has frequently been associated with the niche art movement, New Gothic art, which emphasizes darkness and horror within pop culture. His YouTube series, the “Terrance Koh Show”–in which Koh interviews or is interviewed by guests within his all white home–has featured a number of notable art world characters, including Hans Ulrich Obrist, Marina Abramovic, and the pop icon, Lady Gaga. His obsession with the color white is also notable, for the fact that his monochromatic palette gestures towards a religious meditativeness that symbolizes an inner purity. Koh graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Design in Vancouver.

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Terms & Conditions

The organization will coordinate with the winning bidder to have Terence Koh instruct the installation of the artwork in the winner's home or place of choosing.
The organization will coordinate with Terence to find an artistic child in that area who Terence would instruct and then schedule a date with the winner when the child can come to the location and following Terence instruction how to install the artwork.
The child who did the original installation pictured here is the daughter of a well-known author. 

row, row, row yoor boat, 2016
Lot Number 11
Pencil on wall by child under twelve years old
Dimensions Variable
Estimate $2,000
Ends Jan 18 at 6:00pm ET
1Day Remaining
$1,000 USD
$2,200 USD
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Terence Koh
row, row, row yoor boat
  • Dimensions
    Dimensions Variable