This piece is included in Sorry Archive's "Shelf Life": an entropy-magnifier in the form of a room installation. Time is launched into exponential acceleration, walls mildew, fabrics are torn apart, graffiti sprouts up, electricity is sapped, resources are depleted. The room amplifies the constant transactions between the degradation of surfaces and the efforts we make to preserve valued objects. The net effect of this vacillation is a movement from plenitude to ever-more compromised states. The works in "Shelf Life" have been abandoned by the sleek commercial traditions of strict hygiene and conscientious care-taking of fine art-- they are forced to eat themselves, to recycle their own materials ad infinitum in a desperate attempt at preservation in a decaying world. With almost animate doggedness, and a constant “one step forward, two steps back,” the pieces grasp for structural integrity against a chaotic flow of energy. Stephen Zerbe’s works display a vigilant effort to cage unpredictable materials.

In Gradient of Hunter and Prey, a deerskin is quilted in with a jumbo down jacket, making for the perfect survival textile in this hostile environment.


This lot ships from New York, NY, US.

Hunter and Prey Gradient, 2013
Down parka, white-tailed deer hide, latex
70 x 48 in (177.8 x 121.92 cm)

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stephen zerbe
Hunter and Prey Gradient
  • Dimensions
    70 x 48 in (177.8 x 121.92 cm)