Each neon sculpture is considered a "unique edition" as each one is hand made and is in various colors of neon.


This work ships from Los Angeles, USA.

Terms & Conditions

Complimentary storage with no release fee will be offered until March 11, 2018. Beginning March 12, 2018, there will be a temporary storage rate applied of $2.00 per cubic foot with a $35.00 weekly minimum on storage (there is no daily pro rate on this cost), as well as a $15.00 release fee. Installation Instructions for Now by Scott Young:
1) Please handle the white cylinder using cotton gloves, (included).
2) The piece is wired either for an exposed power cord or can be hardwired into the wall by removing the wire nuts and wiring to Romex through wall.
3) Remove cylinder from mounting tube. The outer cylinder attaches to the mounting tube using compression and no fasteners.
4) Mounting requires two people, one person to hold the outer tube and neon and the other to mount the mounting tube to wall.
5) Direct center and up is marked with a black hash line on mounting tube.
5) Utilize three mounting holes using plastic anchors in wall and screws. Hand tighten screws. Make sure that the power cord is chased through slot at bottom back of mounting tube.
6) Once mounting tube is secured and tight to the wall, feed excess wire into inside tube area and thread outer tube onto mounting tube. Push around back circle ring until fitted.
7) Push and dress the two clear wires into the white cylinder holes until they are behind the neon and out of view.
8) Plug power cord into wall receptacle.

Now, 2017
Neon gas, clear glass tube, acrylic, and electronics
32 x 5 in (81.28 x 12.7 cm)
Open Edition
Signed on recto

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Scott Young
  • Dimensions
    32 x 5 in (81.28 x 12.7 cm)