Artist Statement: "We live in times of conflict. Over the last few centuries, man has been on a spree. He has encroached upon the natural surroundings and habitat, all for the sake of expanding his own ‘lebensraum’ or living space. Caught amidst this conflict are innocent creatures that nature has bestowed as gifts upon this earth. A mammoth example of this is the elephant. We have used the elephant as a canvas to display this conflict. This elephant portrays our effort to help these majestic creatures and preserve at least one of the many infinite gifts bestowed upon us by nature."


This work ships from Sewri, Mumbai, India.

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Winner of the International Woolmark Prize 2014, Mishra champions slow fashion with traditional Indian textiles. His eponymous label represents the finest handwork - hand woven, hand embroidered and hand crafted - made in India, for the world. A master storyteller, Mishra weaves stories of people, places and process to bring forth new interpretations and design interventions to craft techniques that serve the larger purpose of engaging, employing and empowering artisans.

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The Tree of Life, 2018
Lot Number 33
Acrylic paint and varnish
57 x 59 x 33 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 83.82 cm)

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Rahul Mishra
The Tree of Life
  • Dimensions
    57 x 59 x 33 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 83.82 cm)