A painter, sculptor, and etcher, Ofer Lellouche, considered one of Israel’s Modern Masters, lives and works in Tel Aviv and Paris. Having started out his career as a video artist, Lellouche reverted back to the basics, working outside mainstream art trends at the time. He drew and etched, first in a very expressionist way, using violent industrial colors, and then in a more classical way. “I sense more sharply that the gaze is always double: the gaze of the eye and the gaze of memory,” Lellouche philosophizes in his essay On Painting From Nature. “There is a well-known story about Delacroix, who used to bring a live model to his students, but did not allow them to paint her until after she had gone. Painting can be principally the impression that remains in us from a landscape as it appears to our eyes after we have forgotten all the details, or as we might dream about it. In dreams, a most precise image comes into being, without our being able to accord it an actual form. Certain details vanish from sight, while others take on a powerful meaning. These things become charged with a kind of presence that suddenly captures the field of vision.”


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Geraniums, 1995
Etching on paper
110 x 150 cm (43.31 x 59.06 in)
Edition of 19
Courtesy of The Artist

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Ofer Lellouche, Geraniums, 1995, etching

Ofer Lellouche
  • Dimensions
    110 x 150 cm (43.31 x 59.06 in)