These paintings deal with the relationship between the visual sense and the kinesthetic sense, between internal volume and its external influence. Fabric folds on the body’s mass, you gaze at its surface and envision what lies underneath it. Moran Fisher is interested in color as a motion-forming material, and she seeks to capture images where tension and allusions arise. The works fluctuate between a figurative style and geometric abstraction; they are constructed in a playful layer-upon-layer application of paint that intertwines different rhythms - monochromatic and colorful, symmetric and asymmetric, flat and thick.

The clothes series explores Fisher’s interest in textiles and organic and fractal forms in nature. To prepare for a composition, she often blows up photographs, cropping and 'zooming in' on the way in which fabrics fold on different parts of the body.

What is revealed and what is concealed? Clothing as a second skin, as a package, a screen or mask separates and marks the delineation between that which is intimate space inside our bodies and the space around us. The body which breeds life and motion into clothes that enhance or blur sexuality, exposes or conceals its secrets, and raises questions about identity and fashion. The changes in fashion always reflect changes in structures of symbolic communication.

Close > Closet from the encyclopedia of ideas, David Gurevitch, p.62: "The hierarchy of organizing clothes in a closet (recent clothes, old clothes, sentimental clothes), like the hierarchy of wearing clothes, creates a complex net of symbols (emotional, imaginary, sexual, ext…) in which we write ourselves. It is a secret writing of changes that our 'self' undergoes, a testament of the way we announce change to the world.


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Body and Clothes, 2014
Watercolor on paper
35 x 45 cm (13.78 x 17.72 in)
Courtesy of The Artist

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Moran Fisher, Body and Clothes, 2014, watercolor on paper

Moran Fisher
Body and Clothes
  • Dimensions
    35 x 45 cm (13.78 x 17.72 in)