“Chagrin d’amour – the musical” is Marwan Chamaa’s current gharam wa intiqam* series. This series exudes of Marwan Chamaa’s signature sarcastic and tongue in cheek tone.

Chagrin d’amour – the musical’s theme is Love with all of its heartaches, revenge, and passion. The mélange of the Occident and Orient, as is typical in Chamaa’s works is evident in “Chagrin d’amour – the musical”. Vintage Western comic book covers are wittingly woven with 1940s Arabic love song lyrics. Marwan is as always, omnipresent in his paintings through the inclusion of his hands that interact with the paintings scenarios.

The dialogue is from the lyrics of the 1944 Arab song “متى حتعرﺭفﻑإﺇ” (when will you realize) by Lebanese-Syrian star Asmahan (25 November 1912 – 14 July 1944). The illustrations are inspired from the 1954 “Heart Throbs” #33 comic magazine’s cover.

Dialogue woman:
When will you realize when, that I love you? When will you realize, when, when, when?
Dialogue man:
Your love is in my imagination and in my soul and in my blood. When will you realize that I love you, when?
Dialogue two women and man: When, when, when will you realize?


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Marwan Chamaa's (Lebanese) Middle Eastern Neo Pop-Art art is a mélange of fiction, reality, and vanity. Chamaa’s art spans over three decades of thematic interpretations of the world around him. It is fundamentally his view of the world as he sees it with an ironic and sometimes sarcastic undertone. Born in Beirut - Lebanon, raised in Munich - Germany, and having lived in the USA for more than a decade, exposed him to different cultures and formed him into the eclectic versatile artist he is today, viewing the world and interpreting it through diverse mediums.

During college (In Lebanon) Marwan focused on creating art for the sake of creating art and experimented with a select group of artists on different types of media and techniques. In the 80s Marwan Chamaa’s art was a collection of impressionistic interpretations of his surroundings including collages, a collection of which was shown in 1991 as a duo exhibit, and a few months later as a solo exhibition.

His background in graphic design/ fine arts and interest in the consumer world led him in the late eighties to co-found with two college mates Art Factory, a graphic design production house that served as a vehicle for launching creative ideas in the advertising world.

In the early to mid 90s, when downtown Beirut was undergoing a massive makeover, Marwan’s paintings took on old Beirut: Beirut of the 50s and 60s. His paintings marveled at the vibrancy of the old souks, the details brought out in his signature use of bold colors. Although Marwan was residing in the USA at the time, he still pursued his project and made use of old pictures and postcards, turning them into homage to the city under reconstruction. Towards the end of the 90s and the turn of the century, so-to-speak, Marwan Chamaa painted New York City. Living in the eclectic and dynamic East Village in New York City, which was the mecca for artists, musicians, writers, and poets, exposed Marwan to Latin beats, Indian kitsch, Japanese punk, and Ukrainian flavors. The chaos of China Town and the Godfather feel of Little Italy, the lights, sounds and captivating larger than life feel of the brightly illuminated Times Square iconofied as “the crossroads of the world”, the yellow cabs zigzagging, honking through the streets and avenues, the business world of mid-town, and the mono-chromatic uniqueness of Wall Street, the über artistic edge of Soho, Noho, West Village, Chelsea, the former epicenter of the poor immigrant cultures of the Lower East side and the jaggedness of Harlem... all left an eternal imprint in Marwan’s creative mind.

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When? "Chagrin d'amour-the musical", 2015
Lot Number 6
Oil and acrylic on canvas
120 x 167 x 3.5 cm (47.24 x 65.75 x 1.38 in) - Framed dimensions
Courtesy of the artist

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Marwan Chamaa
When? "Chagrin d'amour-the musical"
  • Dimensions
    120 x 167 x 3.5 cm (47.24 x 65.75 x 1.38 in) - Framed dimensions