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16mm, Color/ Black & White, 9.25 Minutes, Sound. Where all is static motion; where music and light become one; where change and motion become one; and where the end is the beginning. Black and white cut-out animation with touches of color. Ladies of the past encounter science and natural phenomena. Please click on "Courtesy Of" link for preview excerpt.

Please note: the dimensions are variable as the 16mm film print is projected. Projector is not included with the 16mm film print.


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About Lawrence Jordan

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Known principally as a maverick spirit in the world of avant-garde American cinema, Lawrence Jordan played an important role in the late 1950s and early 1960s San Francisco art scene. Jordan has made over fifty experimental films, including a number of fanciful, filmic animations made from collaged cut outs of Victorian engravings. The animations extend dreamlike imagery of collaged landscape into a cinematic realm of transformation and free form symbolism. Jordan Seeks to delve into the deep structures and Jungian connotations of the mythological images his films reference. His alchemical approach to imagery creates what he has called the “theater of the mind, which you construct. That is the Underworld… the realm of the imagination. You have to have a place to work with images.” Jordan started the film department of the San Francisco Art institute in 1969 and taught there for over thirty years. He made his own box assemblages in Cornell’s lyrically evocative style since the mid-1960s. Many feature ingenious mechanical and kinetic effects. He continues to make films and box collages at his home and studio in Petaluma where he has lived since 1978.

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Terms & Conditions

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1. This print is provided to the buyer for his/her personal private viewing and use. Ownership of this print may not be transferred, via sale, gift, trade/barter, donation, will or any other means without the express consent of the filmmaker or his/her agent. On such occasion as buyer desires to terminate his/her possession of this print (including by means such as sale, gift, trade/barter, donation as well as through disposal or destruction) he/she must consult with the filmmaker or his/her agent prior to action and offer a return of the print at no cost to either party. It is understood that the buyer, in taking possession of this print, will be in no way responsible for its distribution, dissemination or use by the filmmaker (or any other parties), except as specified in this MOU.

2. Exhibition of this print is restricted to personal private use by the buyer. The (private) exhibition of this print is restricted to groups numbering less than twenty persons. Public exhibitions (whether for free or for charge) of this print are prohibited without the express consent of the filmmaker or his/her agent. This print is not to be lent, rented or otherwise provided to others for exhibition (public or private). The buyer must be present at each projection of this print.

3. The filmmaker retains copyright of this work and retains all rights to its reproduction, reformatting and exhibition (other than those private exhibition uses outlined in this MOU). This print may not be reproduced in any way, including by such means as optical and contact printing and transfer to digital or analog video formats. This film may not be televised. Documentation of screenings/exhibitions of this film (including filming via film or video cameras and such devices as cellular phones, tablet computers, etc.) is expressly prohibited. Similarly, the soundtrack of this film may not be duplicated, extracted, excerpted or broadcast. The buyer is solely responsible to restrict and prohibit such use, reuse or documentation.

4. On the occasion of inquiry for use by third parties for such purposes as scholarly or curatorial research and/or potential use in exhibition, archiving and preservation, such access shall be provided solely at the discretion of the buyer, in consultation with the filmmaker or his/her agent.

5. This work, in whole or in part, may not be excerpted or incorporated into derivative forms, films, artworks or displays, including (but not limited to) its use in documentary or experimental films, found footage collage films, projection performances and the like. While viewing, inspection and examination of this print (via such means as rewinds, flatbed editor/viewing devices and analytic projection) is encouraged, this print is not to be publicly exhibited in these forms without the express consent of the filmmaker or his/her agent.

6. The buyer will notify the filmmaker and San Francisco Cinematheque within 10 days of receipt of the print of any complaint or concern regarding the print, including, for example, reporting on unsatisfactory print condition.

Beyond Enchantment, 2010
Lot Number 37
16mm film print
Courtesy of the artist

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