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Retrospectroscope (1997), 16mm, 5 minutes, silent. The "Retrospectroscope" apparatus has gone through many incarnations; its presence belies the processes that have created it. As a paracinematic device, it traces an evolutionary trajectory, encircling the viewer in a procession of flickering fantasies of fragmented lyricism. Retrospectroscope is a reinvention that simulates the illusion of the analysis of motion to recall early mysteries of the quest for this very discovery, now taken for granted. The Muses of Cinema, represented by the female figures on the huge spinning wheel, have emerged from a dark Neoclassical past. Streams of images revolve, in an attempt to harness notions of a cinematic prehistory tracing past motions and gestures to burn their dance on the surface of the retinas. The five-minute film, also known as Retrospectroscope, is testament to the apparatus, and was described in the San Francisco Bay Guardian as “A spinning flashing UFO/roulette wheel of Athenian proportions.”

This film was derived from a kinetic sculpture made using a single sheet of Plexiglas 5 ft. in diameter, and was mounted directly on a stand and illuminated from behind. As an optical device, its function was to create the illusion of moving images utilizing large format still images. A variation of the phenakistoscope, and many other such devices, my apparatus represents the need to re-explore the synthesis of years of scientific discoveries that culminated in the cinema, as we know it today. As the phenakistoscope established the "stroboscopic effect," this concept inspired me to use actual strobes, the intermittent element of which acted as a shutter. The basic phenomena of the combined physics of kinetics frequency of light, velocity and flicker fusion constitute the piece on a material level. These elements converge to animate still images originally shot on film. The series of images are photographic transparencies either shot using the still camera to animate as the originator of the images, or used to re-photograph images originally shot on motion picture film using the analyst projector as a tool to harness the ephemeral image. Currently, a shift in our perception has already been dissembled and fragmented through computer-based technology in the ways in which spatial temporal realms are challenging our views about how space is constructed. The installation as a whole provides a link to this evolving, perceptual trajectory. The film was derived from an installation that was part of the 125th Anniversary celebration of the San Francisco Art Institute and inspired by Edweard Muybridge and other early chronophotographers. Muybridge might possibly be the first to have projected motion pictures when he used his zoopraxiscope to demonstrate images of a trotting hose at the San Francisco Art Association in 1878. Retrospectroscope was in the list of top ten films in 1997, by Film Threat On-line.

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Kerry Laitala grew up on the Maine coast, while developing a chronic passion for old things. She attended Massachusetts College of Art studying Photography and Film and received her Masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in Film. She has been awarded the Princess Grace Award in 1996, and the Special Projects Grant from PGF in 2004 and 2007. Awards have also been received from the Black Maria Film Festival and Big Muddy Film Festival and the San Francisco International Film Festival as well as residency at the Academie Schloss Solitude near Stuttgart, Germany. Laitala is a media archeologist who investigates the past and retrieves cultural artifacts from the limbo of forgotten things. Her penchant for medical imagery and artifacts of decay springs from occupations in medical and dental institutions where she works during the day when she is not teaching film classes at the San Francisco Art Institute. Laitala is deeply invested in the process of working directly with the film medium, and is involved in all aspects of production: shooting, developing, editing and sound design as well as optically printing much of the material to transform it into celluloid gems of uncanny resonance. Laitala has recently expanded her terrain to work in a series of light/ motion/color experiments called the Chromatic Cocktail Series. Several of these works have screened in Europe and she is currently working on live chroma performances and installations involving multip projectors and 3D chromadepth technology. Laitala is also continuing her explorations with Expanded cinema / Projector performance works with sound collaborations with Bay Area sound artists Neal Johnson and John Davis.

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6. The buyer will notify the filmmaker and San Francisco Cinematheque within 10 days of receipt of the print of any complaint or concern regarding the print, including, for example, reporting on unsatisfactory print condition.

Retrospectroscope, 1997
Lot Number 32
16mm film print
Courtesy of the artist

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