With the "Blasted Allegories" series John Baldessari explores, through a complex structure of established rules and conditions, the endless possibilities of ordering and reordering of images, words, and meanings. With the goal of producing a literal dictionary of photographic images culled from commercial television, Baldessari shot one screen at regular, ten minute intervals to create a selection of random, raw images. Randomly assigned words, and then arranged in sentences, these photographs serve as a nexus through which to understand persistent variability despite the imposition of systematic order. According to the artist, the title, inspired by a phrase used by Nathaniel Hawthorne, suggests the use of allegory or metaphor as a cursed, problematic proposition.

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1978:"John Baldessari: Blasted Allegories," Sonnabend Gallery, New York
1994: "Southern California: the Conceptual Landscape," Madison Art Center, Madison, Wisconsin

Sonnabend Gallery, New York
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It is hard to characterize John Baldessari's (American, b. 1931) varied practice—which includes photomontage, artist’s books, prints, paintings, film, performance, and installation—except through his approach of good-humored irreverence. Baldessari is commonly associated with Conceptual or Minimalist art, though he has called this characterization “a little bit boring.” His two-dimensional works often incorporate found images, composed in layers or presented as distinct pieces with an element of surprise, like a brightly colored geometric shape in the place of a face or a starkly printed sardonic caption.

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Blasted Allegories (Colorful Sentence): Intertwined with Green Offshoot Intersecting at Pressure Point, 1978
Lot Number 37
C-prints on board
Work: 30.75 x 40 in (78.11 x 101.6 cm)
Frame: 31 x 40.5 x 1 in (78.74 x 102.87 x 2.54 cm)
Titled on recto

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John Baldessari
Blasted Allegories (Colorful Sentence): Intertwined with Green Offshoot Intersecting at Pressure Point
  • Dimensions
    30.75 x 40 in (78.11 x 101.6 cm)