The work mines a seam of precious material hidden between the pages of popular French domestic fashion magazines. From these publications Narielwalla plucks a streak of radical abstraction – the loose and often discarded tailoring patterns that, for efficiency’s sake, layer the life-sized templates of entire garments onto a single sheet of paper. Each section of the garment is encoded in a web of dots, lines and numbers, shattering the female form into precise overlapping facets. Now flattened, these become no longer views of a subject but the object itself. Narielwalla realizes the radical potential of these designs by cutting delicate sheets of coloured paper with the pride of a mother. The sheet of paper instructs the housewife, and the artist, to make itself, predating Futurism and prefiguring Cubism. Materials used: Tissue paper, acetate and original floral embroidery pattern cut outs pasted on original French tailoring pattern c.1950, archival acid-free double-sided tape.


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She Is A Cube of Dots, Lines and Numbers, 2014
Lot Number 69
Paper collage and colouring pencil on original french tailoring pattern
78 x 59 cm (30.71 x 23.23 in)
Courtesy of Hormazd Narielwalla

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Hormazd Narielwalla
She Is A Cube of Dots, Lines and Numbers
  • Dimensions
    78 x 59 cm (30.71 x 23.23 in)