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50% of the proceeds from the sale of this lot will be donated to Victim, the charitable organisation founded by the artist. Victim aids charities supporting children's causes covering health, disabilities and education, along with providing support to Survival International, a charity which works towards the survival of indigenous communities across the world.


This lot ships from Arlington, TX, US.

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Damien Hirst (b. 1965) is a British artist best known for his leading role in the Young British Artist (YBA) movement of the 1990s. Hirst’s artistic practice varies wildly—from dead animals submerged in formaldehyde, to pristine, ominous medicine cabinets, to the pharmaceutically poppy, menacingly hollow spot paintings—but his key themes are life’s mortality and modern science’s palliative, seductive allure. Rising from the British recession of the 1990s, his middle-class artistic persona melds the antagonism and shock of British punk rock with the showmanship and audacious capitalism of Andy Warhol.

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1-Pentadecanol, 2008
Lot Number 39
Coloured pencil on paper / 3-inch spot
66.2 x 46.8 in (168.15 x 118.87 cm)
Courtesy of Victim*
Signed, front lower right

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Damien Hirst
  • Dimensions
    66.2 x 46.8 in (168.15 x 118.87 cm)