This Curated Photobook Lot was selected by Andy Adams, Editor of FlakPhoto. The lot includes the following seven titles, and includes a one year subscription to Contact Sheet: Christian Patterson, "Redheaded Peckerwood," MACK, 2011; Hank Willis Thomas, "Pitch Blackness," Aperture, 2008; John Gossage, "The Code," Harper's Books, 2012; Keliy Anderson-Staley, "On a Wet Bough," Waltz Books, 2014; Leon Borensztein, "American Portraits," Nazraeli Press, 2011; Nathan Lyons, "Return Your Mind to Its Upright Position," ARTISANworks Press, 2014; Peter Mitchell, "Strangely Familiar," Nazraeli Press/Light Work, 2013


This lot ships from Syracuse, NY, US.

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Your purchase of this limited-edition print helps in Light Work's mission of supporting emerging and under-represented artists working in photography. Every purchase includes a one-year subscription to Light Work’s publication, Contact Sheet.

Curated Photobook Lot
Dimensions Variable
Courtesy of Light Work
All books signed by artist on title page

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Curated Photobooks

Christian Patterson, Hank Willis Thomas, John Gossage, Keliy Anderson-Staley, Leon Borensztein, Nathan Lyons, Peter Mitchell
Curated Photobook Lot
  • Dimensions
    Dimensions Variable