Brian Eno is an artist, musician, composer, writer and record producer, perhaps best known as a principal innovator of ambient music and generative painting. He creates abstract, ambient artworks using innovative technology to explore the full potential of light as medium, while redefining architectural space and the viewer’s relationship with it. Eno’s works appear to have no beginning nor end; they mutate slowly and imperceptibly through different phases, encouraging a deep feeling of reflection within the viewer.

In 1995 Brian Eno and Laurie Anderson collaborated with Artangel on 'Self Storage', sited at a former foil factory in Wembley industrial estate. Stories written and narrated by Laurie Anderson led the public through corridors to an intricate labyrinth of audiovisual installations created by Eno and a group of Royal College of Art students. Each work occupied a different empty storage unit revealed amongst rows of locked doors, contents unknown. Self Storage was Eno’s and Anderson’s first site-specific project together.

The light work Eno has made to benefit Artangel, 'Aeolian', 2018, seamlessly phases through an infinite combination of self- generated colour-scapes using a series of interwoven LED lights, accompanied by a unique musical composition. This convergence of different media is key to Eno because, “painting and music have always been interwoven for me. When I look back on what I’ve made, it seems to me I’ve been trying to slow music down so it became more like painting, and to animate paintings so that they became more like music... in the hope that the two activities would meet and fuse in the middle.”


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As a visual artist, Brian Eno has been exhibiting displays and installations since the late 1970s from Tokyo to Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro to New York, London to Madrid. In 2009, he was invited to project moving imagery onto the iconic sails of the Sydney Opera House with light thrown across Circular Quay. The installation consisted of Eno’s own software '77 Million Paintings', designed to create a slowly-changing, non-repeating, ever-evolving work of art. Eno’s widely used set of oracle cards 'Oblique Strategies' was first published in 1975 and remains in print. His diary and essays 'A Year (with Swollen Appendices)' was published in 1996 and provides insight and commentary on his Artangel project with Laurie Anderson in the previous year. He is a board member of The Long Now Foundation, the disarmament group BASIC (British American Security Information Council) and the environmental NGO ClientEarth.

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Aeolian, 2018
Lot Number 015
Lightbox and sound: led lights, wood, perspex, USB stick
65 x 130 x 19 cm (25.59 x 51.18 x 7.48 in)
Courtesy of Brian Eno studio and Paul Stolper Gallery
Signed and dated on verso

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  • Dimensions
    65 x 130 x 19 cm (25.59 x 51.18 x 7.48 in)