Artist Statement: "There does not exist another animal of this size that encompasses so much grace and gentleness, as the mighty elephant. The sheer scale of the animal is overpowering and intimidating to the viewer, who more than often feels threatened by the volume of this gentle giant. It's a pity that certain humans, instead of appreciating the beauty of the living beast, want to adorn their homes with dead remnants, ripped off these gorgeous creatures so brutally. My work, quirkily titled 'The Holey Pachyderm', is a tribute to the godly status that the elephant has received in our land, with a visual play on the word “holy” of course."


This work ships from Sewri, Mumbai, India.

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Arzan Khambatta is an architect by profession and a sculptor by choice. He started sculpting in his teens by scouting the streets, garages, construction sites for scrap metal, and welding them into pieces of art he fondly christened “SCRAPTURES”. The word has become synonymous with Arzan. Now Khambatta’s works are found in corporate houses, hotels, and private collections around the world and range from six inches to seventy feet in height. The most prominent ones being the “Dolphins” at Worli, Mumbai and the prestigious tribute to the INS VIKRANT at The lions Gate, Colaba, Mumbai. He lives by his favourite quote:”THE IMPOSSIBLE JUST TAKES A LITTLE LONGER”.

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The Holey Pachyderm, 2018
Lot Number 83
Acrylic paint and varnish
57 x 59 x 33 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 83.82 cm)

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Arzan Khambatta
The Holey Pachyderm
  • Dimensions
    57 x 59 x 33 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 83.82 cm)