Artist Statement: "Playing with the ideas and language of the beautiful Mandelbrot Set and Fractal, the elephant Mandelbrot explores a portion of the fractal coincidentally called “elephant valley”. A fractal is a shape with self similarity, and elephant valley is where the repeating shape becomes infinitely small. This elephant explores these ideas, asking himself "what is it to be infinitely small?""


This work ships from Sewri, Mumbai, India.

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Alexis Myre is interested in creating a sense of movement that extends and taps into a greater rhizome, connecting the circular with linear, the element to architecture, and math with art. Pythagorus sought a single principle to explain the nature of matter within the universe leading him to trace the origin of all things to number, offering as proof the abundance of numerical patterns found in nature and all phenomena of the universe. Myre is inspired by that reverence for pattern, utilising them as both symbols and the architect of boundaries, to visually pin down and display as specimens of order, beauty, and harmony. Her work upholds the belief that all material contains hidden potential, and when constructed together individual matter can act as an agent to solving a larger problem.

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Mandelbrot, 2018
Lot Number 89
Acrylic paint and varnish
57 x 59 x 47 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 119.38 cm) - Additions have been made to this sculpture, and dimensions are estimated

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Alexis Myre
  • Dimensions
    57 x 59 x 47 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 119.38 cm) - Additions have been made to this sculpture, and dimensions are estimated