Artist Statement: "This elephant is covered in mosaic cut from waste marble from Agra and slightly chipped blue pottery tiles from Jaipur, which were left abandoned in various workshops. The mosaic work was carried out by highly skilled marble artisans outside of Agra, turning rejected pieces into treasures through their craft. It is a pared back, materials focused work which stands out against the rich colour of its Jaipur surroundings. It is a comment on restraint through design and zero waste practices."


This work ships from Sewri, Mumbai, India.

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Alexis was born in South Africa into a family of travellers and eccentrics. Avid conservationists, they spent much of her childhood out in the African plains. After studying architecture in Cape Town, Alexis moved to Paris where she became interested in textile. She studied fashion design at the Istituto Marangoni before going to New York to act as an apprentice to a couturier. She then travelled to Greece to open her first studio under the Acropolis. Her exploration of colour, experimental textile and hand painting in a contemporary way led Alexis to quickly become the “one to watch” of almost every major fashion publication in Europe. Ever exploring, Alexis decided to then move on from the fashion world and explore interiors, furniture, textile and craft-based, slower processes for design. Alexis became interested in block printing, handloom weaving and other treasures of the Indian craft landscape. She now lives in Jaipur and runs a lifestyle product and consultation company, Karu, while acting as creative director of an exciting new project for the Bamford family, focused on honouring the use of natural vs chemical dyes.

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Rajasthani Blues, 2018
Lot Number 41
Acrylic paint and mosaic tiles
57 x 59 x 33 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 83.82 cm)

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Alexis Barrell for The Bamfords
Rajasthani Blues
  • Dimensions
    57 x 59 x 33 in (144.78 x 149.86 x 83.82 cm)