Artist Statement: "The Indian elephant is rooted in art, ritual and tradition and it is revered in this country. Tara, the elephant mark shand made his own, symbolized that very versatility.

Elephants were prominent in miniature paintings deftly crafted in the famed ateliers of the Mughal and Rajput courts. The skill of that art has been passed down generations and is alive even today. My elephant salutes that very fabled celebration of the Indian elephant through art and painting in a contemporary idiom though still drawing from the fine artisanal skills we still have in India today."


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Adil Iqbal Ahmad completed his first commissioned interior design project when he was sixteen. His journey in the pursuit of excellence continues. Creative design, with its diverse attributes all intrinsic to a larger idea, woven into a complex project, and embellished with a seamless overlay of the many different elements that celebrate the core idea, invokes the artist in him. Adil has an unerring eye for precision, detail and symmetry and an unrelenting demand for perfection.

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Babar Travels to London, 2018
Lot Number 2
Fiberglass and acrylic sculpture
145 x 150 x 85 cm (57.09 x 59.06 x 33.46 in)

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Adil Ahmad
Babar Travels to London
  • Dimensions
    145 x 150 x 85 cm (57.09 x 59.06 x 33.46 in)