Boys! Boys! Boys!

In a continuing partnership between Paddle8 and The Little Black Gallery, curated by co-founder Ghislain Pascal, Boys! Boys! Boys! offers the latest works from queer and gay photographers from around the globe. Celebrating male sexuality in a fine art format, this series tells the stories of queer love within a newly defined art historical context.

Paddle8 x AdeY

Reclaiming childlike freedom, frivolity, and innocence, AdeY breaks away from the expectations imposed by society in his fine art photography. By using analog film and natural light, he strips away the ability to constantly edit the artistic process, resulting in raw and authentic scenes based on trust. Capturing friends with queer perspectives as models further breaks down modern cultural barriers. To him, “gender really doesn’t matter—it’s just people, exploring and enjoying life,” which is evident throughout AdeY’s mesmerizing, lighthearted images below.

The Best of Boys!

The Best of Boys! represents the inaugural offering of buy-now works by esteemed up-and-coming queer and gay photographers from various parts of the world. Where the male form takes center stage, this storefront is an exciting continuation of the Boys! Boys! Boys! series, featuring the most popular works from the past four auctions along with exciting new additions.
Dreamy, erotic, vulnerable, and ineffable, The Best of Boys! explores the complexity and multi-dimensional aspects of identity and the concept of masculinity with unmatched beauty and fervor.

Paddle8 x Michael Søndergaard

Recognized for his fine art portrait photography, artist Michael Søndergaard excels at capturing the power of vulnerability and the process of continually discovering and accepting oneself. To reveal these motifs, Søndergaard employs performative photography, as seen in this film documenting the making of ‘Nate with Feather,’ which allows his subjects to relax and reveal their inner self. ‘Nate with Feather’ and other of Søndergaard’s inspiring portraits are available below.

'RITE' by Michael Søndergaard

A first edition book of 200, 'RITE' showcases 52 photographs from artist Michael Søndergaard's debut series. Accompanied by a foreword from Sir Ian McKellen, each eloquent image is grounded in truth, vulnerability, and the exploration of one's own sexual identity.

Paddle8 x Tyler Udall

The forces that drive Tyler Udall’s work are a combination of his own sexual identity and the evolving societal shifts toward the acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. His undeniably personal and emotionally compelling photographs are shaped by the familiarity the artist has with his subjects, most of whom are friends and past lovers. Discover his candid, raw, and intimate photographs below.

'I Am' by Tyler Udall

A series of moving and expressive works by photographer Tyler Udall is spotlighted in this first edition book, ‘I Am,’ with a foreword by Molly Logan. Normative roles of identity become obsolete in these stripped-down images as his subjects embrace life without ego or limitations.