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Shipping Costs & Information

As we aim to make the shipping process as seamless and satisfying as our collecting experience, we're pleased to offer both flat rate and managed shipping options for our collectors.

Please note: due to the exceptional and often fragile nature of the works collected on Paddle8, the shipping process includes careful packing and handling of each item by an expert shipping partner.

Our Standard Delivery Timelines

Continental U.S. and Domestic UK
If the pick-up and delivery destinations are both within the continental U.S. or domestic UK
Approx. 3–4 weeks
If the pick-up or delivery destinations are outside the continental U.S. or domestic UK
Approx. 6–8 weeks

Please note: These timelines take effect after payment is confirmed, not at conclusion of auction.

Our Standard Delivery Costs

Our flat rate shipping costs vary by value, pick-up location, and delivery destination for the work. To estimate the shipping cost of a particular item, see the Total Cost Calculator on the individual item page. Please note that rates below exclude any applicable taxes, duty, or VAT.

Fine Art Below $1000 $1000–$4999 $5000–$9999 $10000–$25000 Above $25000
Continental U.S. and Domestic UK $175 $225 $350 $525 Customized1
International $275 $350 $475 $650 Customized1
Oversized $0–$25000 Above $25000
Continental U.S. and Domestic UK $825 Customized1
International Customized1 Customized1
  1. Customized shipping: These items require a customized shipping quote. One of our representatives will get in touch with you after to purchase the item. For further details, especially regarding shipping exceptions, please see our Conditions of Business. You may also view our Terms & Conditions.

Please note that these shipping rates only apply to Paddle8 auctions; shipping costs for items purchased in benefit auctions vary based on our benefit partners' shipping providers. For further questions, contact