Digital certificates of authenticity and ownership, secured on the blockchain

We are leveraging public distributed ledger technology to provide an unalterable record of authenticity for eligible works, called P8Pass. These certificates provide an easily verifiable account of an artwork’s information while maintaining the privacy of any individuals involved in its purchase.

Who it Benefits



Winning an artwork with a P8Pass grants you a permanent and verifiable record of the work.



Selling works verified with P8Passes showcases their legitimacy and helps prevent fakes and copies.

Artists and Galleries

Artists and Galleries

Obtaining a P8Pass for a work you create initiates its transaction history, ensuring that the provenance of your piece will be properly documented and permanently stored on the blockchain.

Benefit Partners

Benefit Partners

Partner with us to offer co-branded P8Passes for works that you have verified.

How it Works


We generate a P8Pass for eligible artworks on Paddle8. Provenance information is encrypted and stored using the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model - the standardized method of describing art employed by museums, galleries, and cultural heritage institutions around the world.


Each P8Pass is encoded publicly on the Bitcoin blockchain, the distributed ledger entrusted with over 200,000 transactions each day. Anyone can verify the certificate by checking its block address, but individual identities and other sensitive data are kept private.


Data encoded on the blockchain cannot be altered, meaning that once a P8Pass has been confirmed, it serves as a permanent and immutable reference. Any changes or updates to the information are recorded as new transactions, and it can be transferred securely to a new owner.

Get a P8Pass

You can get a P8Pass for works you win at auction on Paddle8. Look for this icon on artwork and auction pages. If you have any questions please reach out to support@paddle8.com.

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