Scroll Contributor | Anne Huntington on the Project Paz Benefit Auction

We recently had the chance to speak with Project Paz curator and member Anne Huntington about this year’s annual benefit auction. In addition to curating the Project Paz auction, Anne is also the founder of AMH Industries, an art curatorial and advisory company. Read below to learn more about this amazing organization and the incredible works available in their benefit auction!

Paddle8: Could you describe the goals of Project Paz and how you became involved?

Anne Huntington: The goal of Project Paz is to help promote peace in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico by investing in the children and youth of the community. An important component of our mission is to reach out to our peers in New York and around the world to help increase their awareness on and involvement in the need for peace in Ciudad Juarez. Over three years ago I was asked to curate the first Project Art after a friend attended a group show I curated, from that point Project Paz has grown exponentially shining hope for a positive tomorrow through non-political platforms.

P8: What are some personal highlights from the auction? Can you tell us why?

AH: Some personal highlights include the collaboration of the two Mexican-American artists, G.T. Pellizzi & Ray Smith’s in The Execution of Maximilian, 2012 that references the Mexican and American border – the allusions are complex relating to the Second Mexican Empire, the economic and social disparities, recent border violence, displacement, Manet’s Impressionism and more. The landscape becomes imbued with the echoes of yesteryear and today blending form and content together. Rafe Totengco’s Abe Drinking from a Coconut, 2012 is so fun – it makes me smile and wonderfully shows the innocence and beauty of childhood, which we focus on by donating to the afterschool programs of ADN. Marcela Zacarias’ Surpassing, 2012 is a wonderful work created from her unique technique she developed. The work is complex in form and connects to the Mexican past in color and pattern while playing with negative space. She has an exciting exhibition opening at the Brooklyn Museum in February.

P8: Please explain how the idea of an auction came about.

AH: The auction came about out of necessity through conversations and action. Juarez is a vibrant border community and since 2006 the violence has escalated to unprecedented levels of crime. This violence is right at our doorstep and no group was focusing on it. Instead of focusing on the negative, the auction highlights the positivity and hope for today, building for tomorrow.

P8: Have you ever been to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico? If so, what was the experience like?

AH: I work in Mexico City, which is vibrant and alive with so much artistic energy and talent. Juarez is the next stop.

P8: What will the funds raised from the auction go to? Do you have any forthcoming projects that you can tell us about? 

AH: The proceeds from Project Art will go to children in the least privileged areas in Juarez. We partner with a local program named Ampliando el Desarrollo de los Niños (extending children’s development), which creates after school activities. The program provides a safe environment to expand their academic skills – and most importantly, to protect them from street violence. Project Art will take place Monday, December 17, 2012 at 82 Mercer Street, for upcoming events please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.