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Paddle Labs 

Three Guiding Principles

White Glove

The world of fine art expects the highest level of service, and being treated with the utmost care. Buyers and consignors alike ask of Paddle8 to serve them as one would expect the concierge in the fanciest hotels in the world. Marrying our online based approach, with deep personal touch, and making the transition from one to the other seamless is our guiding principle.


Our collectors are everywhere in the world, which poses challenges on many fronts: logistical, especially considering the value of certain objects and the complexity of shipping; financial, especially when it comes to cross-border issues, local tax rules, local money transfer mechanisms; and service wise, to be on 24/7, respond in our clients' preferred language, and respect local etiquette.


To build the world's largest auction house we are rethinking every step of the delivery. We need to build the best tools to operate the company, allow our specialists to be out of the bulding in shows, galleries, museums, artists' studios rather than cataloguing. We need fulfillment to operate an international, always on network, with the sophistication, speed, and security akin to air traffic control. We need to use data to inform our curating approach, price smartly, and see trends before anyone else to serve our collectors the best.

Our Values

The PDE Triumvirate

Product, Design, and Engineering (PDE) is the magical trio. Every improvement which gets out the door is the result of people from each discipline working closely together, and bringing to the table their different perspective. We like to think of Product as the customer advocate, Design as the clarity advocate, and Engineering as the feasibility advocate.

Just-In-Time Delivery

Any work product - specification, mockup, code in review - which isn't in front of our customers doesn't yet deliver value. We strive to reduce this 'project inventory' to a minimum by tightly coordinating efforts of Product, Design, and Engineering, as well as with the rest of Paddle8.

Ruthless Prioritization

As a marketplace, we cater to both buyers and consignors. We're lucky to have multiple thriving activities: our curated auctions, helping benefit organizations raise funds, and making private sales a breeze. We're a global company. And since May, capitalizing on our recent marriage. To put our best foot forwards, work on the most impactful feature, all the while delivering on our long term vision, we leverage a prioritization frameworks that guides our moves, and align our efforts.

Impact, Beauty, and Fun

We come in everyday with an eye towards making an impact on Paddle8, be it to help benefit organizations to raise funds, and our consignors to rotate their collections. We focus on beautiful, seamless, and comfortable experience. And we like to have fun doing so!

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