Spotlight Artist | Alex Prager

Making-of Icons of Style: Campaign-Shooting Alex Prager and Lara Stone from MunichFashion.TV on Vimeo.


Alex Prager first gained critical acclaim after the inclusion of her film Despair and other selected works in MoMA New Photography 2010. Since then, Prager has been working towards her latest exhibition Compulsion slated to open Thursday at Chelsea’s Yancey Richardson Gallery. Departing from her well-known, highly contrasted and tonally tense film-stills (and those with a similar aesthetic), Prager’s new work perpetuates the notion of the scene and challenges the viewer to confront perspective and vantage point.

A series of diptychs each featuring a scene complimented by a smaller image of a solitary eye, these works draw into question the gaze in contemporary art: observer/observed. Playing to her strengths, Prager’s images are heightened and glossy creating a sense of concentration and intensity.

In addition to her photographic work, Prager has been busy creating a new short film for Mercedez-Benz starring Lara Stone alongside a black SL Roadster. Prager privileges her favorite films of femininity as well as the push-pull relationship between power and vulnerability as she positions Stone as a seductive force before the model is literally blown away in a tornado.

Check out Yancey Richardson Gallery on Paddle8 and see Compulsion at Yancey Richardson (535 West 22nd Street 3rd floor) opening Thursday, April 5th!