Spotlight Galleries | Recently Joined Paddle8

Paddle8 couldn’t be more pleased to announce the additions of Mark Moore Gallery and Patrick Painter Inc. to the platform!

In January, Mark Moore Gallery featured an exhibition of compositions by Las Vegas-based multi-media artist Tim Bavington. This series of eight new paintings came as a continuation of the artist’s ongoing study of music and the translation of aural effects.Bavington uses popular music, from Hendrix guitar riffs to Neil Young melodies, along with an airbrush technique to map musical scores in radiant, albeit toxic neon pigments inspired by the lights of the Vegas strip. Using sheet music as a point of departure for large format acrylic pictures, the artist is able to carefully dissect tone both psychologically and scientifically. Having developed a system of corresponding colors and musical tones along with connection strokes widths to duration of musical notes, the artist relinquished a certain level of control while providing a means to discovered seemingly unpredictable color combinations. The result becomes highly vibrant and almost digital abstractions that privilege the intersection of creative mediums.


Los Angeles-based Patrick Painter Inc. features work by such acclaimed artists as Albert Oehlen, Francis Picabia, and Peter Saul along with the estate of Bas Jan Ader.

This month, the gallery is hosting Charlotta Westergren Sere: Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape, an exhibition of paintings and installations by the Stockholm-born, New York – based artist. Channeling a military program training soldiers to evade capture and learn survival skills as well as resist interrogation, Westergren has created a series of photorealist impressions that have a powerful political resonance.

View the exhibition at the gallery on March 31 and check out Westergren’s work on Patrick Painter Inc.’s Paddle8 page! Mark Moore Gallery, based in Culver City, LA specializes in emerging and established artists. Check out Mark Moore Gallery’s page on Paddle8 to view a focused selection of works by Bavington.