Spotlight | Whitney Biennial artist Elaine Reichek at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery

Starting today, Paddle8 members will have access to an exclusive preview artworks from all participating galleries at this year’s Armory Show in New York. Paddle8 members can virtually explore and acquire artworks from the booths of participating exhibitors at The Armory Show, as well as exclusive online-only artworks beyond the fair’s offerings.


Featured are digital and hand-embroidered works of New York artist Elaine Reichek at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery through March 24th. Reichek’s sophisticated tapestries involve an elaborate mix of digital and analog processes where she scans, photoshops, converts each pixel into a color-coded chart, then hand-embroiders the image. In the new works seen at Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery’s page on Paddle8, Reichek’s provocative and appealing investigation draw inspiration from Magritte’s Dada juxtapositions in Swatches Margritte 1-9, archaic letters and hieroglyphs in White Magic, and computer screen savers in Screen saver (Pink Peanuts).


For her tapestries included in the 2012 Whitney Biennial, Reichek’s works are based on the Greek myth of Ariadne, whose ball of thread helped Theseus escape from the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Be sure to check out this audio guide from the museum.


Check out the rest of Elaine Reichek’s work on Nicole Klagbrun’s Armory Preview page and in W Magazine‘s coverage of the Armory Preview