Spotlight | Ed Ruscha and Band of Outsiders

Collaborations between fashion houses and artists have become ever more common, with big names like Takashi Murakami working with Louis Vuitton, and the recent announcement of Olaf Breuning working with Bally (covered in our earlier post). In line with this relatively new tradition of artist-designer joint ventures, Los Angeles-based fashion label Band of Outsiders has recently announced that iconic LA pop artist Ed Ruscha will be the face of the brand for their spring/summer 2012 ad campaign. Ed Ruscha, who is largely recognized as the iconic LA artist, wears the casual preppy-chic clothes of Band of Outsiders well, capturing that effortlessly cool look that the brand embodies in vintage-looking Polaroid images.


The announcement that Ruscha would take over as the face of Band of Outsiders marks the first time that the brand has used an artist for one of their marketing campaigns, having primarily worked with actors like Kirsten Dunst, Tom Felton, and Michelle Williams. In a recent interview with Artinfo, Band of Outsider head designer Scott Sternberg explained the choice of Ruscha as the brand’s model because of the inherent connection he sees between fashion and art, rooted in the “craft behind both of them, the need to really understand and master the technical aspects of a medium to be able to properly express your vision. And there’s an aggressively social aspect to both industries, a rarefied scene that surrounds and even drives both industries, as the tastes and opinions of those groups really resonate in the market.” Clothing from Band of Outsiders will soon be available on their website.
Further information about Ruscha’s work is availble on Gagosian’s website. Ruscha also currently has a large exhibition titled On the Road, based on the Kerouac novel of same name, on view at the Denver Art Museum until April 22nd.


All Polaroids courtesy of Band of Outsiders