Spotlight | Kreëmart and Antoni Miralda’s Digestible NEWS at CIFO


Creative desert enterprise, Kreëmart, is constantly exploring the ways in which dessert and consumption figure into contemporary art. As part of a special editorial project, Kreëmart has given Paddle8 a first look at three short videos made in conjunction with three recent performances; click here to see last week’s and come back next Tuesday for one more!


Art Basel Miami Beach has always been a media focus within and beyond the art world. In conjunction with the 2011 edition of the fair, Kreëmart and Antoni Miralda, with the support of the Ella Cisneros-Fontanals Foundation, Miami to give the news something to talk about. Miralda is well known for his food-related installations and performances, and for his investigation of all the different facets of contemporary consumption. For this performance, playfully titled Digestible NEWS and staged at CIFO Miami, Kreëmart and Miralda produced blank, edible “newspapers” under the nameplate “KREËMART NEWS” with different headings including “Miami Culture & Society,” “The Wynwood Chronicle” and “Letters to the Editor.” Visitors and participants pasted in pictures and wrote their own headlines or articles, and then were invited to eat these sweet news treats. Digestible NEWS makes a pun of consuming news and the idea of a “daily digest,” but also points to heavier themes of living in an era in which we allow media to penetrate our bodies and minds.


Look through the video and see what headlines you catch! Our favorite? A newspage scrawled with Correo del ♥ or “heart mail.” We hope your Valentines Day is full of other heart-marked edibles.