Spotlight | Kreëmart and Marina Abramovic’s The Nose at Garage CCC Moscow

Creative desert enterprise, Kreëmart, is constantly exploring the ways in which dessert and consumption figure into contemporary art. As part of a special editorial project, Kreëmart has given Paddle8 a first look at three short videos made in conjunction with three recent performances; check the Paddle8 Scroll each Tuesday to see them all!

For the dinner celebration of her retrospective at Garage CCC, Marina Abramovic collaborated with Kreëmart and Chef Guido Mogni to create a performative piece based on her nose, a feature which stirs in her feelings of insecurity and self consciousness. (Read about it here.)


Abramovic made a mold of her own nose, which was then cast in edible molten white sugar and offered to guests to be held up to their own faces as masks, and then consumed after. Kreëmart’s video of the event gestures at all the references made in the video–to the exaggeration of a carnival and the theatricality of a masquerade. It also shares a title with Nicolai Gogol’s original 19th century absurdist short story, “The Nose.” Kreëmart and Chef Mogni also helped Abramovic produce a special souvenir of the event–a limited edition of 350 of the noses made of the finest dark chocolate, so that guests could carry part of Abramovic with them into the night.


Kreëmart has previously worked with Terence Koh to produce work for Paddle8′s exhibition Immaterial. See Koh’s dossier for the exhibition. Read about and watch Kreëmart’s performance at Art Basel here.