Spotlight Artist | David Salle’s LACMA Edition

American interdisciplinary artist David Salle’s Vista (2010), is a lithographic print depicting two orange arm chairs resting in the open air and under the sun.  Many of Salle’s works often seem haphazardly made and have a supposed random juxtaposition of images. In Vista, however, we encounter a departure from his previous technique.  The relaxing color palette and opaque colors permeate not only beach imagery and Americana, but carry undercurrents of pop art, a specific attribute Salle has featured in much of his canon.  Salle, who is known as an important figure in defining postmodern sensibility, often creates a narrative by drawing from popular imagery in films and magazines, and stock photography.  As a student at the California Institute of Art, he was greatly influenced by his professor John Baldessari. As part of the museum’s ongoing Artist Editions program, Vista was created to complement John Baldessari: Pure Beauty, June 27–September 12, 2010 at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


For our current collaboration with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and to celebrate the museums current retrospective of Glenn Ligon’s artwork, we will be offering four limited edition prints available for purchase. Be sure to check out the rest of the LACMA commissioned prints on Paddle8.


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