Spotlight Phaidon | ALAC Reading List, Part 1

In anticipation of Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Phaidon has provided Paddle8 members with a carefully curated reading list of recently published books, surveys, and monographs on subjects related to the work of participating artists and museums. See Phaidon’s page on Paddle8 for images inside the books.


Check out part 1 of the Phaidon Reading list!


1. Raw Creation – Outsider Art and Beyond (available at the ALAC Paddle8 + Phaidon Booth)
Text by John Maizels, introduction by Roger Cardinal, 2000

A survey of outsider art – the style once coined for artwork created by socially marginalized characters of society. This visionary style has taken great provenance in California, finding many artists influenced by the folk, spiritual, and raw nature of the work.


2. Mary Kelly
Survey by Margaret Iversen, Interview by Douglas Crimp, Focus by Homi K. Bhabha, Artist’s Choice by Julia Kristeva and Lynne Tillman, Writings by Mary Kelly, 1997
An in depth study of Mary Kelly, the LA based artist best known for her installational work.  This text investigates Kelly’s pivotal role on feminist and conceptual art, and her continued questions of sexuality, identity and historical memory in her often large-scale narrative installations.


3. They Called Her Styrene
Ed Ruscha, 2000
This 600 page monographic study is devoted solely Ruscha’s ‘word’ prints, drawings, and paintings – a signature and hallmark of his long career. Ruscha’s work has been greatly influenced by the vernacular of Southern California and Los Angeles, featuring texts and themes derived from the urban landscape of the transformative city.


4. The Art Museum (available at the ALAC Paddle8 + Phaidon Booth)
Conceived and edited by Phaidon editors, 2011
Phaidon’s editors in conjunction with a team of global specialists have brought together the most extraordinary collection of artworks ever assembled into an imaginary museum in this soon-to-be seminal text.


5. Vitamin P2 – New Perspectives in Painting
Conceived and edited by Phaidon Editors, introduction by Barry Schwabsky, 2011
A dynamic overview of contemporary paintings from around the world, P2 is a sequel to its first volume Vitamin P, originally published in 2002.  The book features the paintings by 115 new and emerging international artists, including Richard Aldrich and William Daniels, both of whom have showed with Los Angeles based gallery Marc Foxx.


6. Painting Abstraction: New Elements in Abstract Painting (available at the ALAC Paddle8 + Phaidon Booth)
Bob Nickas, 2009
Described as the only definitive guide to contemporary abstract painting, this authoritative book guides the viewer through key issues seen in contemporary abstraction. Painting Abstraction: New Elements in Abstract Painting profiles 80 of today’s top contemporary painters, including many artists working on the West Coast.


7. Christian Marclay
Survey by Jennifer González, Interview by Kim Gordon, Focus by Matthew Higgs, Artist’s Choice by Blaise Cendrars, Writings by Christian Marclay, 2005
Devoted to the oeuvre of multidisciplinary media artist, Christian Marclay, this book surveys his in depth investigations of what we see and what we hear.  In 2011, Marclay’s The Clock, a 24-hour screen projection composed cinematic and television clips was screened at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


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