Spotlight | Paddle8 and Free Arts NYC Part I

Between December 7th and 17th, Paddle8 will be hosting an online auction by Free Arts NYC, an organization dedicated to providing under privileged children and families with special educational arts and mentoring programs.


Among the auction’s featured artists are photographers Jeremy Kost, James Nares, Andrew Brucker, and painter Valerie Hird.  Kost, who has famously made fashion Polaroid collages, pieces together a puzzle of supermodel Agyness Deyn’s striking face and lithe body as she glances over her shoulder.  Nares’s Chronophotograph, also uses the Polaroid, but uses multiple exposures to create a lurid and romantic nude study, with bodies dancing and overlapping.  For Grand Central, Andrew Brucker photographs an ambiguous and mysterious figure holding a mask as he hauntingly gazes towards the viewer.  Grand Central is part of his larger series Creepy Killers, and has featured countless dark and eerie yet beautiful portraits of men and women throughout New York City.  There is also the small but charming watercolor by Valerie Hird.  Entitled Istanbul Shop, we see the Turkish capital come to life, in a rainbow of vibrant and vivid colors.


Check out the diverse Free Arts NYC auction on Paddle8 from Dec 7th to the 17th