Spotlight Artist | Jay Stuckey

Paddle8 is very proud to be able to present NADA Miami Beach 2011 online! Over the next couple of days, we will feature some of the artists and galleries participating in our collaboration with NADA.


Jay Stuckey, whose recent solo exhibition Getting There was on view at the Los Angeles gallery The Company, creates collages and paintings based on his dreams.  With harsh lines, angular figures, and cartoon-like faces, Stuckey’s dream characters are repeated endlessly, as if constantly reoccurring during his sleeping state.  Paradoxically, he marries these dream figures with scraps taken from his real, waking life: handwritten notes, to-do lists, receipts and personal anecdotes. Having these worlds share a canvas creates a dynamic juxtaposition and tension between two states of mind, and perhaps resembles images flashing as the mind braids them together into a new and equally valid reality. Ultimately, Stuckey’s works questions the distinction between the two mental states, and points out the fleeting quality that both dreams and daily life share.


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