Spotlight Artist | Marcel Duchamp 1968 BBC Interview


Marina’s exhibition reads history through a new interpretation of Marcel Duchamp’s famous 1917 urinal. Abramović considers the readymade crucial for its liberation of art from having to be beautiful, or even to represent; that the artwork becomes a funnel for its context. This 1968 interview between BBC journalist Joan Bakewell and Marcel Duchamp was originally broadcast as part of the network’s Late Night Line Up. Bakewell recalls Duchamp as “extraordinary, [he] smiled a lot, [and] smoked big cigars.”


During their sit-down, Duchamp describes how he has found it difficult make a “work of art,” and for the most part spent a tremendous and laborious amount of time trying to discredit the word “art” itself. Full of wry commentary, Duchamp can be described as one of the greatest influences on contemporary art.


Check out the full interview on the Toutfait (French for ready-made), a self run Marcel Duchamp Online Studies Journal

Marina Abramovic curates Immaterial for Paddle8