Spotlight Artist | Terence Koh’s Rabbit Holy Days


The Standard Hotel’s StandART video series, curated in collaboration with Creative Time, focuses on video art and the hotel room as the screening space. New and commissioned work by Kalup Linzy, Allison Schulnik, Naomi Fisher, Slater Bradley and Immaterial artist Terence Koh are accessible on the television screens inside each of the rooms across their four locations. Koh’s commissioned piece centers on a love story of two white bunnies navigating the halls, rooms, and public spaces of the Standard New York.


The Dependent Art Fair at the Sheraton Hotel adopted the same concept in the form of quickly-installed full scale installations inside the Sheraton’s rooms. In March of 2011 and concurrent with the Armory show, Canada Gallery, Silvershed, Cleopatra’s and Ramiken Crucible led their audiences and artists to the Sheraton’s 12th and 14th floors to view their “booths”. These ambitious projects cause us to rethink the term “hotel art”.


See StandART’s preview of its 2011 program at Standard Culture