Did You Know | Lady Gaga Loves Marina


Marina Abramovic once asked Lady Gaga a question during an interview about who is responsible for creating limits. The self-proclaimed “Pop Performance Artist” responded by musing on the limitlessness of Marina in her performance and as a person. Boundlessness, Lady Gaga thought, was a matter of choice and self-trust that can be exercised in everyday life.


In the interview, Lady Gaga cited an infamous performance Marina staged in 1974 in Studio Morra in Naples titled Rhythm 0. Marina was to remain passive for six hours as audience members were invited to use on her any of 72 provided objects laid out on a table. Among these were a revolver, a whip, a scalpel, honey, and a feather. The crowd got increasingly aggressive as the performance wore on–Marina had been stripped and cut. The performance ended ahead of schedule when some audience members intervened after someone held the revolver to Marina’s head.


Rhythm 0 was a challenge to the boundaries of audience participation and individual responsibility. The violence and gruesomeness of the performance were what Lady Gaga referred to in speaking about trusting in art and not fearing. She aspired to demonstrate


What do you think about Lady Gaga’s work in relation to Marina’s? Is there a line we should not to cross in art?


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