Happening | Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen – Plato’s Atlantis from SHOWstudio on Vimeo.


Savage Beauty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibit of Alexander McQueen’s extraordinary work, was one of the most popular shows ever exhibited at The Met, and the most-attended show ever staged by The Costume Institute since its debut at the museum in 1946.  In total, 661,509 museumgoers were surprised, awed, and thrilled by McQueen’s innovative creations, among them some of Paddle8′s staff.


We thought it important to share some of our own reactions to the exhibition, and hope that plenty of our readers were able to visit the show.

“Few exhibitions have changed me. Richard Serra’s 2007 retrospective at MoMA did this. Cy Twombly’s 2008 exhibition at Tate Modern did this. McQueen’s Savage Beauty left me emotionally defenseless. It reinvigorated my belief in the cultural importance of exhibitions.”
— Andrea Hill


“With its gothic setting, and morbid motifs, I never once felt cold in the exhibition space. The collection drew me deeper and deeper into fully understanding the high level of achievement that was occurring, it made me feel warm, McQueen’s mannequins were soldiers saluting their late general. Savage Beauty brought me to tears because I could feel and see beauty, and it was beyond exhilarating.”
— Kenneth Chau


The video above, of McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2010 runway show, illustrates the theatricality and artistry of his presentations.  This collection, titled Plato’s Atlantis, was inspired by McQueen’s idea of a post-apocalyptic world in which human life is based in the sea instead of on land. For Spring/Summer 2010, the artist collaborated with photographer Nick Knight and filmmaker Ruth Hogben to produce an exclusive film featuring a snake-covered model writhing on a bed of sand.  “My shows are a form of entertainment, more than anyone else’s shows,” McQueen explained in an interview, “It’s not just a commercial platform to sell a good.  It’s what keeps me interested in the evolution of fashion…it motivates me to see an illusion in my head and then to see the actual thing live.”


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