Paddle8 Presents Bob Colacello
Art, Photographs, and Memorabilia from the Warhol Years
Paddle8 Paul Weiss - Bob Colacello, Andy Warhol, and Christopher Murray in Hats (detail)
An auction of the Holy Terror author's collection of art, photographs, and memorabilia from the 1970s and 80s. Colacello was an intimate member of Warhol's social scene and editor of Andy Warhol's Interview magazine. For decades, the material in this sale was hidden under Bob's bed in East Hampton—now it sees the light of day, giving a spectacular window into the art, sex, fashion, and politics surrounding the Factory.
May 22 through Jun 5


Inside the Auction

Bob Colacello
Author of Holy Terror
These works have been at my home (stashed under a guestroom bed) for years. There are some really great things—God, I remember everything about them. Why am I getting rid of these? Lack of wall space.”

All Works in Bob Colacello

Borrowing inspiration from Colacello’s own Holy Terror, we present the author’s collection in chapters. Here, the people, places and parties that defined the era.